Massage oil
Exquisite oil with relaxing properties both physically and mentally, resulting in a beneficial massage for the skin, muscles and mind, relieving inflammatory and insomnia problems.
Lemon Grass $150.00
Green tea Bamboo $150.00
White tea Bamboo $150.00

Mosquito Repellent Cream
Take care of your skin with this citronella cream that protects and hydrates at the same time.
- $150.00

Essential oil
Essential oils have many benefits such as being revitalizing, refreshing and stimulating, but at the same time relaxing and pleasant.
Lemongrass 30 ml $315.00
Lavender 30 ml $315.00
Roses 30 ml $315.00
Passion fruit 30 ml $315.00
White tea Bamboo 30 ml $315.00
Lemongrass 15 ml $215.00
Passion fruit 15 ml $215.00
Lavender 15 ml $215.00
Roses 15 ml $215.00

Mini Antibacterial Gel
Disinfect your hands without a sticky feeling, leaving a pleasant scent.
Promegranate $25.00
White tea Bamboo $25.00
Magnolia $25.00
Jasmine $25.00

Travel kit: shampoo and conditioner
Created with natural essentials free of chemicals and parabens.
- $180.00

Bath Salts
They are a natural and exfoliating remedy used to treat multiple pains in addition to relaxing.
Papaya 120 ml $80.00
White tea Bamboo 120 ml $80.00
Chocolate 120 ml $80.00
Chocolate 70 ml $45.00
Dragon fruit 70 ml $45.00

Set of soap and hand cream
Made with essential oils that will make your skin feel cleaner and smoother.
Magnolia $275.00
Pomegranate $275.00
Jasmine $275.00
Green tea Bamboo $275.00

Boho experience at home
Scented candle of your choice, bamboo air freshener, exfoliating salts and set of soap and cream for hands.
Lavender $650.00
Bamboo $650.00

Scented candle
Relaxing scent, eliminates anxiety and stress, helps clear tired minds.
Lavender $150.00
Bamboo $150.00

Mattifying Facial Kit
It will reduce shine and mattify your skin. Includes: Cleanser, toner, exfoliator, concentrating, mask, eye gel, mattifying gel, sunscreen, disposable wipes.
- $250.00

Air Refreshener
Helps to promote your physical and psychological well-being. The scent of lavender refreshes and cleanses the home; it is anti-stress as it creates an atmosphere of tranquility and peace. The aroma of bamboo-white tea relaxes, provides a feeling of well-being and tranquility.
Lavender 250 ml $380.00
Bamboo 250 ml $380.00
Lavender 120 ml $230.00
Bamboo 120 ml $230.00
Lavender 60 ml $125.00
Bamboo 60 ml $125.00

Boho Home
Includes: scented candle of your choice, set of soap and cream and air refreshener 60 ml.
Lavender $550.00
Bamboo $550.00

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