The Zone
A relaxing massage with adjustable pressure, in accordance with the preference and needs of each client. The deep tissue of the chosen area is specifically treated, eliminating knots and relaxing the muscles requiring most attention.
30 minutes $450.00

Stone Therapy Massage
The ideal combination of a gentle massage with warm stones and relaxing movements. This massage is specially designed to reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia.
60 minutes $740.00
90 minutes $975.00

Custom Massage
The perfect ally to help free you from the daily stress, both internally and externally. We work in accordance with the client’s needs and preferences, regarding focus and pressure.
60 minutes $680.00
90 minutes $910.00

Boho Mom Massage
A massage specially designed to pamper and relax the future mom. It includes the best aspects of a relaxing massage and lymphatic drainage to avoid liquid retention, fatigue and stress, which are common in pregnancies, and also helps to eliminate the aches and pains of this wonderful life experience.
60 minutes $740.00

Four hands massage
Enjoy this delicious massage that will help you to relax and release all the tension.
30 min $580.00
60 min $790.00

* All prices are in Mexican Pesos

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