Relaxing Package
Get rid of the daily stress and give yourselves the moment you’ve been waiting for to experience total relaxation with our made-to-measure 60-minute massage. We have designed this treatment to be enjoyed in the company of that special person starting with reflexology and warm candle massages on your feet.
80 min $1,560.00

Boho Couple
Live the most complete experience of luxury and relaxation in Boho Spa with that special person. Made to measure massages of 60 minutes, according to each personal preference, followed by a 60 minute facial, personalized for each skin type.
2 hrs 20 min $2,860.00

Romantic Escape
We will welcome you with reflexology and warm candle massages on your feet and then 60 minutes Stone Therapy Massages to enjoy a moment of relaxation with your partner which will make you feel completely renewed.
80 min $1,680.00

* All prices are in Mexican Pesos

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